Senufo Table - Carved Top*

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Senufo people are from West Africa and are known for their art, including their wooden

furniture. The Senufo table and stool are significant pieces of furniture that showcase the traditional

craftmanship of the Senufo people.

The table is a low, rectangular structure with straight legs that are slightly splayed outwards. The

tabletop is typically wide and flat with rounded edges, which provide a smooth finishing. The Senufo

table is often carved from a single piece of wood and features intricate geometric patterns and

designs, this symbolises their culture, religion and the protection of the people. Each of these

patterns and designs has a specific meaning, and some Senufo tables also showcase scenes from

daily life.

The Senufo stool is a highly respected piece of furniture and is reserved for important occasions such

as family meetings or religious ceremonies. The stool features similar intricate carvings as the table

and usually have three legs that are carved out of the same piece of wood. The seat is circular with a

flat top that slopes down to form a comfortable seat. The height of the stool varies, depending on

the intended use, with some stools being relatively low while others are almost as tall as a chair.

Both Senufo table and stool are highly valued for their aesthetic and functional value. The intricate

carvings and designs on these pieces of furniture are not just for decoration, they also have symbolic

meanings and help to preserve the cultural heritage of the Senufo people. These pieces of furniture

showcase the skill and artistry of the Senufo people and remain a significant part of their cultural




Length - 110cm

Width - 45cm

Height - 35cm


Length - 155cm - 200cm

Width - 55cm

Height - 54cm


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