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Authentic African homewares

Handcrafted African homewares and decor that radiate the warmth, diversity, and authenticity of Africa. Explore our unique collection of African decor and homewares, transforming your home into a sanctuary.

Infuse your space with Africa’s spirit

  • African made


    Discover the beauty of unique African homewares, handmade by talented local artisans.

  • sustainable


    Our hand-crafted pieces help minimise the environmental impact of mass production while supporting local communities.

  • Ethical


    We prioritise ethical sourcing, supporting African artisans and communities while bringing genuine African decor to Australia.

  • Unique products


    Each piece in our collection tells a unique African story, celebrating the art of imperfection and the joy of individuality.

Handcrafted in Africa

When you choose Africanologie, you're choosing authenticity. Our handcrafted pieces are not just items; they are stories, traditions, and the heart of Africa brought to life in your home. 

The art of handcrafting often involves time-honoured techniques using primitive tools, passed down through generations of skilled artisans. These methods infuse each creation with a unique character and play a vital role in preserving valuable craft traditions that might otherwise be eroded by the ever-encroaching tide of industrialisation. By supporting these artisans, you actively contribute to the safeguarding of these age-old techniques, ensuring that the rich tapestry of African craftsmanship continues to thrive, enduring for generations to come.


What a beautiful new showroom. Quality, authentic, responsibly sourced products, hand picked by Dael. Excellent price point. Unique and varied selection of furniture and art. Friendly professional service.

Du Plessis Events

Africanologie is brilliant. The stock is well-priced and interesting. The staff are very welcoming and I love the commitment to and knowledge of the artisans whose items they sell.

Kristina Miller

Beautiful shop with a wonderful selection of things. Service was truly amazing from Suzie. I needed a last minute gift. Suzie organised it all and it was delivered later that evening wrapped. Truly appreciated her hep

Slade Shaw

Amazing company with such lovely owners! Always bringing in something new and distinctively African! If you are looking to inject the African tribal theme into your home this would be my top recommendation!
Definitely check it out.

Poppy Menzie-Brewer
African artisans basket weaving

Empowering African artisans

At Africanologie, we're a bridge between cultures. We believe in empowering and supporting African artisans by trading fairly with communities. We work to ensure that their craftsmanship is not only valued but rewarded fairly, allowing them to thrive and prosper within their communities.

We’re proud to contribute to sustainable livelihoods for these artisans while celebrating the rich heritage of African craftsmanship, resulting in unique, eco-conscious African furniture and decor.

Dael Lane

Who we are

Africanologie was born from a love of Africa. Founded by Zimbabwean-born Dael Lane with a deep-rooted connection to the continent, our story is one of heritage, culture, and a desire to share the beauty of Africa with the world. With a lifetime of working with local African artisans and creators, we take pride in sharing African art, furniture and decor with the world.