Bridging cultures with authentic wood artistry

With no two being the same, there are few things that embody Africa as well as hand-crafted wood carvings. Whether you are seeking African wood carvings to elevate your space or other unique art pieces, you will find an eye-catching addition to your space in our collection.

Our wood carvings are more than intricate designs on timber; they're a testament to the remarkable skill and dedication of African artisans. Each piece is a labour of love, showcasing the soul and history of Africa. Wood carvings bring warm, earthy tones into your sanctuary. 

Each of our wood carvings are unique. They are individually crafted by skilled African artisans, or one-of-a-kind vintage items. This craftsmanship means there may be slight variations from the images shown. If you have a specific item in mind, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to send you a photograph of the exact product from our warehouse.

Swazi Fish
Swazi Fish from $315.00
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Zebra from $60.00
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Whale Tail
Whale Tail from $165.00
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Meerkat from $65.00
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Kissing Meerkat
Kissing Meerkat from $85.00
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Bull Head
Bull Head $495.00
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Birds Crane Tall
Birds Crane Tall $225.00
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Cactus Swazi
Cactus Swazi from $790.00
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Giraffe Head
Giraffe Head from $145.00
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