Sharing the beauty of Africa with the world

At Africanologie, we are more than an African shop; we are a bridge between Africa and the world. Join us in celebrating the heart of Africa, bringing its warmth, authenticity, and sustainability to your home.

Our purpose at Africanologie is deeply rooted in two core principles: giving back to the African community and celebrating the unparalleled beauty of the African continent.

We are committed to providing an outlet for African artisans, photographers and street artists in the global market. We believe that by empowering artisans, we contribute to the overall well-being and prosperity of entire villages, thus promoting social and economic sustainability in Africa.

  • African-made

    Discover the beauty of unique African homewares, handmade by talented local artisans.

  • Sustainable

    Our hand-crafted pieces help minimise the environmental impact of mass production while supporting local communities.

  • Ethical

    We prioritise ethical sourcing, supporting African artisans and communities while bringing genuine African decor to Australia.

  • One-of-a-kind

    Each piece in our collection tells a unique African story, celebrating the art of imperfection and the joy of individuality.

Dael Lane: The passion behind Africanologie

For the past eight years, Africanologie has been on a journey fueled by our deep love for Africa. Our founder, Dael Lane, was born and bred in Zimbabwe, and her connection to the continent is a lifelong affair. She grew up with a mother who adored African craft, and this passion has been the driving force behind our mission. 

“My mother has always been an avid collector of African artifacts, which she used to purchase from the local traders in Zimbabwe, and then sell to shops in Johannesburg, South Africa. From a young age, I found myself 'collecting' from her collection, and so my love for unique pieces grew. Africa is in my blood, so when I moved to Australia in 2004, I brought a part of her with me - a part that is inherently authentic and perfectly imperfect, one piece at a time."

We've spent decades in South Africa, embracing the rich and diverse cultures, beautiful landscapes, and the very essence of Africa. It's a place steeped in purity and heart, and it's this authentic spirit that we bring to you.

Supporting African craftsmanship, empowering African communities

At Africanologie, we are driven by our commitment to sustainability and trading fairly with communities. We provide an outlet for African artisans and street artists in the international market, supporting families and villages, not just individuals. When you choose our products, you are contributing to the betterment of lives and communities across Africa.

We are specialists in sourcing, commissioning, and importing the finest products from across  the African continent. Our collection boasts quality, handmade homewares, captivating photographic artwork, unique furniture, and bespoke decor items, all crafted by the talented artisans whose creations inspire us daily.

Our products are more than just objects; they are a celebration of the rich cultural heritage of Africa. Each handcrafted piece tells a unique story, reflecting the exceptional skills of the artisans we work with. At Africanologie, we cherish the perfectly imperfect nature of these creations, showcasing the authentic essence of Africa in every product we offer.

Discover African Treasures

What makes us unique

Our commitment to sustainability sets us apart. We offer products that are recycled, reused, and refurbished, promoting a culture of reimagining and repurposing. We are dedicated to supplying products that promote sustainability by focusing on recycled, reused, and refurbished items. We are passionate about re-imagining products and materials, reducing waste, and advocating for a more eco-conscious approach to décor and furnishings.

Often, the products are made with what the artists have available to them: waste, local flora and fauna, and primitive tools, requiring incredible creativity to produce these items.

Our product range is broader from an African perspective than many competitors, and our unique scrap metal art adds a distinctive touch to our collection. In a world filled with mass-produced items, we celebrate the beauty of authenticity, the art of imperfection, and the joy of perfectly unique pieces.