Makenge Basket - Vintage

Makenge baskets are traditional handwoven baskets from Zambia. They are created using a

particular type of vine called the makenge (or Mbengi) vine, which grows abundantly in the region.

The vines are harvested, then the bark is peeled and boiled to soften it. This makes it pliable, easy to

handle, and less likely to break during the weaving process.

The baskets themselves come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. They are often colorful,

with elaborate patterns that reflect the local culture and traditions. Some baskets are large and

sturdy enough to hold heavy items like firewood, while others are delicate and decorative, meant to

be displayed on a shelf or hung on a wall.

Makenge baskets are typically woven by women in rural communities, who pass down the skill from

generation to generation. The weaving process is time-consuming and intricate, requiring skill,

patience, and attention to detail. Women must take care to create consistent tension in the vine as

they weave, and to ensure that the pattern is executed flawlessly.

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, makenge baskets have practical uses for everyday life in Zambia.

They can be used to transport food, water, and other goods, or to store items in the home. They are

also sold as souvenirs and handicrafts, providing income for local artisans and contributing to the

local economy.

Overall, makenge baskets are a beautiful and important part of Zambian culture. They showcase the

creativity and craftsmanship of local women, and provide both functional and decorative benefits to

those who use and admire them.Flat is less than 5cm high

Deep is more than 5cm high

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