Ethiopian Cross

Ethiopian Coptic crosses are unique and intricate religious symbols that are commonly found in

Ethiopian Orthodox churches and homes. These crosses are rich in symbolism and have a rich history

in Ethiopia.

The traditional Coptic cross has a simple design with equal-length arms, but the Ethiopian Coptic

cross has a unique shape with three arms extending from a central point. The top arm represents

the head of Jesus, the left arm symbolizes the arm of Jesus on the cross, and the right arm

represents the arm of the repentant thief who was crucified alongside Jesus.

The Ethiopian Coptic cross is made from different materials including wood, brass, and silver. The

crosses are also adorned with different patterns and designs that carry significant meanings. Some

of the popular patterns include the “Solomonic” pattern, which is made up of interwoven lines, and

the “Axum” pattern, which features a circular design with a central point.

One of the most interesting features of the Ethiopian Coptic cross is the use of geometric shapes and

colours to symbolize important aspects of Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity. For instance, the color

green represents the prosperity and fertile land of Ethiopia, while the color red symbolizes the blood

of Christ shed during the crucifixion.

Other important symbols on the Ethiopian Coptic cross include the crescent moon that represents

the Virgin Mary, as well as the interlocking triangles that symbolize the Holy Trinity. The four small

circles at the ends of each cross arm represent the Four Evangelists, while the large circle in the

middle represents the crown of thorns.

In Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity, the Coptic cross holds significant importance as it is believed to

protect against evil and bring blessings to the faithful. The crosses are often worn around the neck or

displayed in homes and churches as symbols of faith and devotion.

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