Binga Basket - Flat *

African Tsonga and Binga baskets are traditional handwoven baskets that are made by skilled

artisans from different parts of Africa. Both types of baskets are made from natural materials such as

palm leaves, sisal, and grass. They are popular for their unique designs, durability, and functionality.

The Tsonga baskets are typically made by women from the Tsonga tribe in southern Africa. They are

renowned for their expert weaving skills and create intricate designs using various colors and

textures. The baskets range in size from small to large and are used for different purposes, such as

storage, carrying fruits and vegetables, or as decorative pieces.

Binga baskets, on the other hand, are made by women from the Binga district in northern

Zimbabwe. They are made using locally sourced palm leaves that are dried and dyed in shades of

brown, black, and cream. The baskets are known for their distinctive cone-shaped design, which

makes them ideal for storing or carrying various household items.

The weaving process for both the Tsonga and Binga baskets is labor-intensive and time-consuming.

The weavers use traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

The baskets are made by first creating a base using a circular weaving technique. Then, the weavers

add rows of intricate patterns and designs until the basket is fully formed.

Tsonga and Binga baskets are widely sought after for their unique beauty and functionality. They are

often used as decorative pieces or as functional objects in the home. These baskets are not only

perfect for storage purposes, but they are also a beautiful representation of African art and culture.

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