Baule Mask

The Baule people are farmers who populate the eastern side of the Ivory Coast, being part of the Akan people who dwell in both Ghana and the Ivory Coast. Their art has been described as one of the most important tribal styles in the Ivory Coast. Using heavily stylized designs for statues and masks, their elegant craftsmanship is deeply spiritual. Their statues are made to reincarnate the spirit of the bush or to celebrate the other world ‘Blolo Bla’. The Baule people are also known for decorating everything in their tribe, especially everyday objects. The facial descriptions depicted on their statues illustrate exaggerated bulging eyes, raised scarification and ‘t’ shaped nose. Their masks, in particular the ‘Goli’ mask are highly ornamental and descriptive. Round flat masks are paired with giant horns protruding from the top of the mask. These masks are used for dances in harvest festivals, processions to honour distinguished visitors and also funeral.

Size: approximately 40cm high and 13cm wide (without stand).

Please contact us if you would like to choose a specific mask.

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