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Bakota / Kota Mask

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Small mask approximately 40cm

A Bakota mask is a type of ceremonial mask created by the Bakota people, who are indigenous to Gabon, a country in Central Africa. These masks hold great cultural and spiritual significance within the Bakota community and are often used during various rituals and ceremonies.

Bakota masks are typically carved from wood and are characterized by their elongated shape and intricate designs. They feature a tall, narrow structure that extends vertically from the face, often with a pointed or rounded top. The facial area of the mask is usually carved with delicate features, including narrow eyes, a slender nose, and a small mouth. The overall design of the mask can vary, but it often incorporates geometric patterns, symbolic motifs, and stylized representations of animals or spirits.

These masks are considered sacred objects and are believed to possess spiritual power. They are used in rituals related to ancestor worship, initiation ceremonies, healing practices, and social events. The Bakota people believe that wearing the mask connects them with the spirit world and allows them to communicate with their ancestors or supernatural forces.

Bakota masks are not only artistic expressions but also cultural artifacts that convey the history, beliefs, and values of the Bakota people. They are highly regarded for their aesthetic beauty, craftsmanship, and cultural significance, and they continue to play a vital role in preserving and promoting Bakota traditions and heritage.


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Bakota / Kota Mask
Bakota / Kota Mask
Bakota / Kota Mask
Bakota / Kota Mask
Bakota / Kota Mask
Free shipping to Australian Major Metropolitan Areas for Subscribers

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