About Us

Dael Lane, founder and director of Africanologie, curator of african homewares and artefacts. DAEL LANE
Founder / Director 

AFRICANOLOGIE was born out of a love and passion for Africa, that Zimbabwean born founder, Dael Lane acquired from her mother many years ago. With its diverse cultures, beautiful landscapes and its purity of heart, Africa is steeped in the very essence of our carefully curated collection of African homewares and one-of-a kind artefacts, sourced from across the continent.

“My mother has always been an avid collector of African artefacts, that she use to purchase from the local traders in Zimbabwe, and then sell to shops in Johannesburg, South Africa. From a young age, I  found myself 'collecting' from her collection, and so my love for unique pieces grew. Africa is in my blood, so when I moved to Australia in 2004, I brought a part of her with me - a part that is inherently authentic and perfectly imperfect, one piece at a time." 

Through the years, we have worked closely with, and forged strong relationships with the talented, rural artisans and communities we source and commission pieces directly from. Having our own buyer based permanently in South Africa, allows us to source quickly and efficiently for customers who are looking for specific pieces.   

At AFRICANOLOGIE, we also offer an interior styling service; and rental arrangements are available to the interior design trade, stylists and retail customers (conditions apply).