7 Tips to Hanging Artworks in the Bedroom

At AFRICANOLOGIE we work with photographers such as David Ballam whose sailboats from part of his ILHA Collection. ILHA 1 featured here.

Art is an essential part of interior decor. Not only does it add personality and colour to a room, but also a sense of style. That’s why it’s important to put careful thought into how you choose and display artwork, especially above your bed. Here are some great tips to help you create a beautiful and balanced bedroom gallery or feature wall.

At AFRICANOLOGIE we believe that art, specifically photographic art, is a moment in time captured through the lens of a photographer that visually tells a story – one that you want to tell in your own home. Specialising in large, oversized statement art, we work with a number of renowned photographers, including Richard du Toit, David Ballam, Graham Springer, Clinton Friedman, Cadelle and Francoise van Vuuren to name a few. Everything from tribal portraits to wildlife, architectural and landscape photography - you’ll be inspired.

Scale, Proportion and Placement
When it comes to choosing photographic art for the bedroom, scale, proportion and placement are crucial factors to take into consideration, along with the size of your bed and the size of your space. You don’t want the artwork to be too small or too big compared to the bed or the room itself, as a piece should always complement the bed - not overwhelm it. It is important to ensure that the centre of your artwork is at the right height. The perfect height for artwork placed above a bed is approximately 20 cm above the top of the headboard, and should be centred so that it is visible from all angles. You could also use a statement print above the bed as an alternative headboard, making sure its placement is centred above the pillow line.

Mix and Match
To create an exciting look or deconstructed wall feature with artwork, mix and match frames of various sizes to give depth and create interest on the wall. Combining a series of small and medium-sized pieces or a larger, oversized statement piece above the bed, will add personality and bring a wow factor to your space. By hanging a wider, landscape piece above the bed versus a vertical option, it tends to draw the eye up, therefore creating the illusion of higher ceilings.

Colour Themes
When selecting coordinating colours or themes of your artwork, take the bedroom’s colour palette and style into consideration. The artwork should connect with other design elements in the room, creating balance and harmony in your space. Keep in mind that pairing bold artwork with neutral bedding and accent walls is a great way to create a focal point.

Adding adjustable lighting or placing a spotlight directly above the piece, is an excellent way to highlight your artwork, while creating an ambiance and enhancing the mood in your space.

Frame Selection
Frame selection is crucial when it comes to hanging art over the bed. Depending on the look and feel you’d like to achieve in your space, you can select frames that are light in weight and neutral in colour or finish for a softer feel. If you’re looking to create drama and draw the eye in, black frames make an excellent choice. When it comes to wooden or metal frames, these in natural or muted tones make for an elegant option that complements any artwork and space without overwhelming it.

Wall Space
Before purchasing and installing an artwork, it is vitally important to measure your wall space carefully. Hanging one oversized statement piece is easy enough, but when it comes to placing multiple artworks, it can become a little tricky and needs to be well planned out. In this instance, arrange the artwork on the floor and play around with different layouts before committing to a final placement. Take a photo of the intended placement to identify necessary adjustments.

Artwork is an investment, so ensuring that it is well secured to the wall will depend on the hardware used. Make sure that the brackets or hooks used are sturdy enough to hold the weight of the artwork, to avoid any unwanted accidents!

Artwork is a very personal aspect of the home. It will have been chosen for a specific purpose and more importantly, for how it made you feel when you first laid eyes on it. Whether you’re looking for one, oversized statement piece or multiple smaller pieces to create a feature wall above the bed for a more eclectic feel, you cannot go wrong with photographic art.

With various framing options available including our signature raw, wooden frames made from recycled wood imported from Africa, our statement photographic artworks are impactful and stunningly imposing in a space. So, whether you’re looking for a standalone print, or considering a wall gallery of photographic art above the bed, we provide unique pieces that appeal to the senses, while adding a personal touch and undeniable style to your bedroom.