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The Tuareg are fiercely independent nomadic people. On the move with their herds and camels over vast areas of the southern Sahara, they produce no masks or figures but instead create an impressive world of traditional, abstract, beautiful, functional objects of leather, wood and metal. As is often the case with these bowls, use has led to cracks which are frequently repaired with metal staples as these nomadic people prefer to preserve these intricately handcarved objects rather than discard them. Other signs of use and wear include chips to the rims, insect damage and stains.

** Each item is unique and individual, variations will occur from these images shown. if you wish to order online, please request a photo to be emailed to you via our contact us page.

** Shipping / freight is NOT calculated at the checkout due to your delivery address, and the unique size, weight and fragility of each item. You will be notified via email/SMS with a calculated shipping cost which will need to be paid over the phone prior to dispatch.

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